Like the cool kids

To find accessories as unique and creative as your kids you’ve got to check out Peppercorn Kids!

Peppercorn Kids sent Miss S. a few of their adorable trend setting goodies for back to school and she was smiling from ear to ear when they arrived.  The first detail that drew me in to Peppercorn Kids was their wonderful use of color.  Kids are vibrant and full of life.  The colors they tend to wear usually fit the same description, so Peppercorn Kids is right on the mark in this area.  The next thing I noticed from the 3 items we received was quality.   Upon inspection, each accessory looked carefully sewn and created, not cheap like some other kids brands I’ve experienced in stores.

The Bow Collar Necklace is precious and jovial.  Who says only boys wear bow ties?!?  It’s brass copper chain hangs around my 10 year olds neck at a length that hits her collarbone area and is secured with a ring clasp.  The fabric is a soft 100% cotton flannel which is comfortable rather than itchy.  Raspberry, the color we received, is the perfect color to catch the eye, however there are also 6 other fun colors to choose from.

Hair wraps are definitely popping up everywhere.  Miss S. loves her Two-Tone Reversible Headband in aqua/pink from Peppercorn Kids.  Made out of a soft stretch knit type fabric it’s durable yet still comfy on the head.  My daughter is very particular about what she wears; it has to be comfortable or she won’t touch it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought her things that ended up sitting in the closet because after we left the store it magically became irritating to her.  Talk about frustrating!  Fortunately, this hair wrap ties around the head into a cute knot and has give (stretch) so it remains wearable to her.  I think the Two-Tone wrap will be perfect for a day we need to rush out the door.  A quick brush, tie the wrap, and go!

Whimsy abounds with Peppercorn kids Butterfly Bracelet/Anklet.  This is the perfect jewelry accessory for the active kiddo.  No worries about delicate clasps or losing an expensive piece.  Made of thread, almost friendship bracelet-ish, the butterfly pops in vivid tricolors.  It’s the perfect accent to allow my daughter to daydream, if just for a moment 🙂 during class this year.  Retailing for $12.

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