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The holidays mean guests and parties.  With these two things it can also bring sticky fingerprints, dishes, scuff marks, dinner parties, and playing hotel.  If you are anything like me cleaning isn’t your favorite and at this time of year you don’t have a lot of time to get it all done.

“But fear not! Actress, singer, songwriter and founder of The Real Girl’s Kitchen – Haylie Duff  – is sharing some of her top holiday tips for cooking, cleaning and entertaining using her favorite cleaning tool – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power:

  • I love cooking for the holidays with recipes from The Real Girl’s Kitchen! For cleanup, I use my favorite kitchen accessory: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power! It makes cleaning cookie sheets, pie pans and a million other tough jobs so much easier!
  • For a festive place setting, use Sharpies on glass or ceramic tiles. Wipe away with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and you can use the tiles over and over again!
  • Tackle sticky drink spills on floors and baseboard days after a holiday party with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I was sent Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to help me prepare for the holidays.  I have used mine in the bathroom while I get ready for guests to stay the night.  I used it in the shower to get those hard to remove dirty feet prints off the tub floor.  I also used it on the top of the baseboards to get the sticky dust off.  Then I used it on my favorite place…the tile!  Our floor tile has all these little grooves on it where dirt gets in and is impossible to get out…but not impossible for Mr. Clean.  This little magic tool gets it all out with just water!!

After reading some of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser tips I couldn’t wait to try Mr. Clean in a place I didn’t think of before…the kitchen!  You know the sticky splatter that forms on your stove top around your burners.  Look what using ONLY water and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power did for mine with hardly any effort at all.

SAY WHAT!  Look at that!  I have tried to get that off with cleaners, a scrubby sponge, you name it!  Water and Mr. Clean did it quickly and easily.  I wish I would have know about this before.  I can’t wait to get started on cookie sheets, pans, and pie pans.

Here are some more tip and tricks from Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:

Which one is your favorite?  Have any other tips not listed that we could all benefit from?  Share!

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