Kolcraft Cuddle’n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper

I am very excited to review the Kolcraft Cuddle n’ Care Rocking Bassinet w/ Incline!! 

This is such a cute bassinet!! I instantly fell in love with the color and more importantly all of the features.  With my other children I used a simple bassinet that was simply a bed. It did not come with any fancy options to make nights easier for my baby and I. So I was very excited for Brooklyn to start sleeping in this bassinet.

kolocraft 6

The Kolocraft Cuddle n’ Care Rocking Bassinet comes with an incline sleeper attachment so that the baby’s head can be elevated. This helps with colic and also when they have a cold or congestion. The incline attachment can be easily removed when your baby does not need it anymore. It will then turn into a traditional bassinet.

This bassinet comes with a Light Vibes electronic unit. This plays classic music and nature sounds. It also vibrates and has soft-glow check light. I love how it soothes my baby when she is having a hard night.  The soft-glow check light is a great feature because it makes it so you can quickly check on your baby instead of having to turn on your bedroom light and wake them up.

I am a very busy mom and I am constantly moving around my house from room to room cleaning or doing other things.  I hate leaving Brooklyn in a room where I am not so it was very important for me to have a bassinet that could move with me without too much trouble. The Kolocraft Cuddle n’ Care Rocking Bassinet has wheels that make it easy for me to move Brooklyn where ever I need to go. The wheels also lock so I know that she will be safe.

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Most of the time I feel so unorganized, especially when it comes to Brooklyn.  It seems like I never have a diaper when I need it or a burp cloth when she spits. This bassinet has a convenient basket underneath the bassinet so I can put anything that I might need for during the night. The storage basket is hidden by the bassinets fabulous fabric skirting.


◦Incline Sleeper attachment for babies that need their head elevated

◦Incline Sleeper attachment removes easily for use as a traditional bassinet

◦Light Vibes electronic unit includes classic music, nature sounds, vibrations and soft-glow check light

◦Easily converts to a rocking bassinet

◦Locking casters for room to room mobility

◦Canopy mobile with three hanging soft toys

◦Large storage basket for all baby’s needs


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