just like jillian holiday gifts 2014

I love Jillian Michaels.  That girl knows how to kick my butt and make it hurt so good.  At Christmas time she also knows how to get stuff done the right way.

In this picture she is wrapping up her shopping by filling her trunk with holiday gifts from eKids while looking stylish in an affordable Shop Prima donna hat!

Remember when I told you about the eKids Kermit the Frog MP3 Speaker?  Look closely and you will see Jillian is buying something similar.  She has the Kermit Rechargeable Speaker from eKids.  Mine, which I use almost daily, runs on 4 AA batteries and has a place to prop the MP3 player or phone up.  This one is rechargeable and doesn’t have a little ledge to prop up an MP3 player BUT it does come with a carry pouch!  Mine retails for $14.99 and Jillian’s retails for $24.99.  Both have Kermit on them and are great gifts for kids…or in my case kids at heart.

Also in her hand is the eKids Frozen Magical MP3 Microphone.  This cute microphone has built in music and flashing lights to make your child feel like a star.  You can even connect your audio device and sing to your favorite songs!  This retails for just $12.99

See that big green box?  Want to know what it is?  It is the iHome Bluetooth Speaker.  This cool green speaker puts the BOOM in boombox.  You can stream audio using the Bluetooth from your Phone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.   It also has “FM radio, a line-in jack, as well as a line-out jack for an expandable audio experience.”  It uses a rechargeable battery but can also be plugged in.  This boss box sells for $79.99 and is available in grey, white, green, or purple. 

Let’s not forget that killer hat!  The Shop Prima donna hat is the Madison Wide Brim Hat in Grey.  Pair this hair with some great skinny jeans, a cream sweater, and a big ol’ bag and you will look like a celebrity yourself!  People will be stopping you to ask you where you got your hat.  The best part, it only costs $24.99.

Finish up your holiday shopping in celebrity fashion!