Important Steps to Follow for an Efficient Roof Painting

A roof is an important part of your house which requires occasional maintenance and care in order to keep it in a good working condition for long. If your roof is worn-out or losing its shine, it is time for you to consider a repair, replace and painting of the roof. All you need is a few right things on the list with expert hands to handle it with utmost care and perfection.

The exterior surface of the roof has to endure rigorous weather conditions like heavy rain, hurricanes, harsh wind and dust and much more. If you have been observing the roof sheet to be worn out for long and have been neglecting it, you are surely risking your house safety and security.

Listed below are some of the important steps to follow for an efficient and hassle-free roof painting in Auckland :

1. Roof cleaning

Firstly, start with an efficient and thorough cleaning of the roof and ensure that there is no trace of dust and dirt on the surface. Painting requires an utmost clean and smooth surface for the best results to be seen once the entire process is over.

An experienced and trusted house painter will carry out a detailed inspection and thorough investigation of the condition of the roof before preparing it for the painting process.

2. Repairing the roof

Secondly, look out for corners and places that would require a little repair or maintenance. Save yourself from an entire replacement of the roof with just a few long-term repairs. Most of the times, gutters and drains get clogged with leaves and dust resulting in stagnation of water on the roof surface within turn results in the formation of algae and moulds.

Make sure you have thoroughly navigated the entire surface of the roof for any kind of cracking and chipping. Painting a roof requires a lot of research and thorough diligence during the process.

3. Replacement, if any.

Check out the condition of the roof properly inspecting all the areas of the roof. Have a look at the gutter and drains, if they are clogged or broken. Consider a replacement of the roof if it can not be repaired or maintained.

Most of the times, homeowners tend to neglect the clogging and stagnation of the water over the roof till the time evident dampness seeps into the rooms. Do away with such a situation and ensure a prior replacement.

4. Pressure washing

Pressure washing is an ideal way to clean the whole of the roof in a single shot. This process involves complete cleaning of the roof with a jet ejaculating water at very high pressure. Most of the times, homeowners prefer using pressure washing for the complete cleaning of the roofs to get rid of algae, dust, dirt and moulds growing on the surface.

5. Paint the roof

It is time for the final process to take place, paint the roof with high reflection paints and rest assured of its high durability, shine and low maintenance cost for years to come. Choose the right colour of the roof suiting the style and other elements of the house and let your neighbours walk in for referrals.

These are some of the important steps to follow for an efficient roof painting. Occasional roof maintenance and a check is a must to keep it shining for years. If you are looking for a certified, trusted and licensed house painting company in Auckland, Kyan Painters is just the right place for you. Whether you are looking for a general consultant for your paint choice or need an expert to handle your entire house painting in Auckland, Kyan Painters has it all covered for you. Transform your house and give it a new and refreshing look now!!


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