How to create a resort lifestyle in your backyard

Luxury is what everyone chases! If you are done with your regular hectic life and are looking for a permanent solution to do away with your stress, then why not bring the resort to your backyard! Not only will this makeover help you live your luxurious lifestyle dream, but also it will be your personal space to have a good time with your buddies and enjoy life.

Renovating your place is not an easy task. You need to have a set plan of action, consult the right people and have a clear vision in your mind of what you want the place to like after it has been renovated. It is only then that you will be able to guide the architects and designers to turn your dreams into reality. If you have been planning to transform your backyard or the poolside in a resort like sitting area, then there are a few crucial things that you will need to get the job done. Let us see what they are!

Deciding the theme and design of your mini resort- well this is the first step towards your dream personal resort like backyard! You must be sure of how it should look, what vision you have regarding it in your mind. If it has to have the Bali feel with Bali huts and gazebos, or it has to have a resplendent appearance, just like a five-star resort with a huge water feature and fancy lightings. Whatever you want the place to look like, the choice and the vision must be crystal clear in your head!

Bali Huts– whatever your idea of resort living is, it cannot be complete without a Bali hut. It is possibly the best addition that you can make to your resort backyard! A Bali hut in your place will give you the exact feeling of a Bali holiday right in your backyard! But you need to know the right kind of hut, the size, and style that you want in your place. Whether it is a Balinese hut, African or a Polynesian tiki, or a blend of all of this. A lot of companies in Brisbane offer to install a hut in your desired location in a single day like Brisbane Thatch and Deck. The Bali Huts are made with native grass, the alang- alang grass and is woven around bamboo sticks to protect the sitting area from rain and provide shade.

Furnishing- now that you have your Bali hut sorted, it is time for you to make a list of everything that you will keep in it. First is the furniture. The furniture that you will put up in the hut is going to set the design theme and add the much required classy attraction in it. The furniture, the fabrics used in decorating can be ordered online or can be handpicked at any Bali- inspired store. Something quirky, something earthy to go with the hut and you are all set!

The electrical stuff- well, you can’t tend to forget about the electrical necessities in your mini resort. Pay keen attention to the lighting of the place and it must be so placed that the entire hut is lit up after the sun goes down. Use quality heaters or fans according to your weather conditions. Also, you can also accommodate a good refrigerator and a music system to enjoy a nice drink with amazing music.

Comfort zone- take the comfort factor in your hut to the next level. Put up hammocks or large, comfy daybeds to have a lounge-like feeling in your personal resort! What is better than lying in a hammock, enjoying the breeze and having a good nap!


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