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Lady is 9 months old! I am LOVING this stage she is in. She has such a cute little personality, is so adventurous, and LOVES trying to keep up with Big Brother. She loves to eat too! She is a very adventurous eater and has (so far! 🙂 ) only rejected something one time… and then happily gobbled it up the next day. I make most of my baby food. We’ve had some really fun adventures too…parsnips, fig and pear anyone? 🙂 How about broccoli, pear, an apple? I have a vitamix and have been happily using that for BIG batches I then stick in the freezer. However, we are pretty much to the point where she is ready for table food…that is mashed, soft or pureed. My favorite thing to do for Peanut was to purée chicken or beef and whatever else we were eating that night. The only problem with the vitamix is that you need at least 3 cups for it to work well. Enter the Baby Bullet! 

When I was given the chance to try it out, I was super excited. I am very familiar with it’s big sister, the Magic Bullet and NutriBullet…I actually had two Magic Bullets and used them so much before my Vitamix that I started to wear out the motors. It was the key to my baby food with Peanut. The Baby Bullet has the same great powerful motor base, but also has all the things you need for making baby food a breeze. It comes with a small short cup blending chamber that is perfect for blending small portions…like a couple of spoonfuls of the family dinner. It also has a large batch-bowl container so you can make lots to store for later. We tried taco salad…or just the chicken, beans, peppers and tomatoes and it was a big hit with Lady. It easily handles being filled too. I did a whole sweet potato in just seconds. Something I really love is that you can control the texture. I was able to keep some fun texture in these peas. Look how chunky!

Once you’ve had fun blending, there are 6 cute little storage containers that have rotating numbers so you can keep track of the date you made it. They all fit nicely in the fridge on a little tray. And if you make a lot, there is a silicone freezer tray  that hold 6-2 oz portions you can use for longer storage. There is a handy dandy spatula that makes cleaning your creations out easy, and there is a great cookbook to get you started on your baby food journey. All plastic in the Baby Bullet is BPA free too!

If you have ever thought about making you own baby food, you’ve got to get the Baby Bullet. It takes all the hassle out of it and makes it fun because there are so many fun combinations of food you can make! You can get yours online for $59.97.

Baby Bullet is REAL Mom Recommended!

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