guest bathroom makeover

If you were following allow earlier this week, you know that I have been slowly and steadily redoing my house. This past week I showed you guys what I did to my front door and told you I had a great reveal of my guest bathroom coming up! I am BEYOND excited to show you what I did to my guest bath. After all the other projects I’ve been working on this summer including two other bathrooms, my bedroom and Bug’s nursery, Hubby actually asked when I wanted to tackle his bathroom. (Our master bath is pretty small and he was kicked out into the guest bath pretty much when we got married!) Rewind 7 years to then. Neither of us knew anything about decorating, but thought it would be fun to do something in the bath. We went to Shopko and found a shower curtain that he liked and matching wallpaper trim. I kinda just cringed thinking about what it used to look like. I never really liked it, but Hey!… it was his bathroom and the fact that he actually wanted to go look at stuff together made me regress concede to his taste! 🙂 Here it is before.

Yes, I lived with this for 7 WHOLE years!!

Right about the time we were talking about redoing the bathroom, I got the chance to play with some Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. I’ve wanted to try this for a L-O-N-G time and was beyond thrilled with the opportunity to try it out! I was also super duper excited to receive some Clear Wax and Dark wax as well as one of Annie Sloan’s brushes. I have only started painting furniture in the past year, and have only used wax a couple of times… and then only clear wax. I was SO excited to have a chance to use the dark wax!

I decided, after much deliberation that I wanted to paint the bathroom cabinet in Old White. I also received Duck Egg, which I’ll show you later what I did with it! I did some serious research on how to use Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. If you are new to this kind of paint, I highly recommend you check out the purple painted lady’s website. She is an Annie Sloan stockist based out of New York. Her website was incredibly helpful and has all kinds of useful information on how to get the best results possible…including videos too!

So, lets get started! Based on the purple painted lady’s recommendation, I shellac-ed all the surfaces before I started painting. Now Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is unique in that you don’t have to sand or prime before hand and that it adheres to almost any surface. But when you are using a light color of paint, the wood stain underneath will often bleed through, causing you to have to use multiple coats of paint… which is a waste!! 🙂 The shellac seals in the wood color so you are good to go. I did end up doing 2 coats of paint, but it covered beautifully. I opted to just use craft foam brushes and saved my  Annie Sloan brush for the Clear wax…more on that later! 🙂 I really love the velvety texture when it dries. Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan has a matte, soft, velvet texture. When the wax is applied over it, it melds with the paint to create a soft, finished matte texture. The two are designed to work together.

I let each coat dry before I repainted. Something awesome about Chalk Paint® decorative by Annie Sloan is that the dry time is super fast. I was able to repaint within probably 15-20 minutes. I let that dry overnight and then waxed. If you are new to wax, check out the purplepaintedlady’s wax tutorial video. It made all the difference for me. Since this piece was in the bathroom, I did three coats of Clear Wax to really seal it against moisture.  The Annie Sloan brush is great for applying wax. The natural bristles are flexible enough to allow you get in all the groves yet firm enough so you still have a lot of control.

Then I wiped off the extra wax with a white t-shirt rag. In between coats I wrapped the brush in plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. This also made it so I didn’t have to wash it 4+ times! 🙂 If you are working on a piece that won’t get much wear and tear or moisture exposure, one to two coats of wax is fine. I let each coat of wax cure overnight before reapplying again. After the third coat, I immediately applied the Dark Wax. There are many ways to do this. Some people say to let the clear coat cure before the dark wax, some say to apply immediately after your final coat of clear so that there is a forgiving buffer of moist clear wax to help you get the look you want. Since I’d never used dark wax, I wanted as much forgiveness as possible. I am really glad I did it this way. I simply applied the dark wax with an old chip brush and then wiped it back off with an old white t-shirt rag. I wiped until I achieved the look I wanted. I’m really loving how the Dark Wax looks.

It really adds a nice aged look to the cabinet. If you’ve ever wanted to try Dark Wax but have been too afraid, don’t be!! It is really quite easy to use and is quite forgiving. The secret is to work in small sections so you don’t end up leaving it on too long and staining your paint.

After it was all done I had Hubby put on my new hardware I found at Hobby Lobby!

What do you think?

I absolutely LOVE how this bathroom turned out! Hubby insisted we don’t do gray or taupe on the walls (almost every other room in the house has some shade of that!) and so we found this soft yet happy aqua! I collected a few things on clearance from Taipan Trading and Hobby Lobby and got a simple wall cabinet from Target. The shower curtain came from TJ Maxx and I made the gray sign up top. (It says “hot baths” in French!) Hubby now has a fun, French inspired “toilette” and I get to admire it every time I walk by! We are planning on doing a DIY frame on the mirror, but that’s not for a couple more weeks!