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Children love the holidays.  Besides their birthday, it’s most likely the next big time they’ll receive presents…..who doesn’t love that?!?  With so many gift options in the marketplace, how do you pick something great that won’t end up stuffed in a closet….or better still, something that continues to provide fun throughout the year?

I’ve always liked selecting toys and games that are age appropriate and educational.  Nothing bothers me more than watching my daughters play with something once because they weren’t engaged in it….total waste of money.  Super Duper Publications has plenty of answers for me and YOU!  They sent me some great games and a charming book to give this holiday season and I hope my pint sized recipients are as thrilled with them as I am.

For my niece, I received a MagneTalk Magnetic Mealtime game board.  Food is Fun!  The magnetic board comes in a clear plastic tote for easy transportation on car trips or to take on play dates, keeping all the pieces together.  When you unfold the board, a plate is displayed in the center and surrounding it are the five main food groups.  There are several ways to use the board; punch out the food magnets and categorize them into correct food groups, set a plate full of favorite foods, pretend to prepare a meal for “granny”, or even talk about what vegetarians or fruitarians eat.  Super Duper has made it O.K. to play with food… mess involved!

My nephew is receiving a cool classifying game called Photo Fish.  Photo Fish arrives as a cute “tackle box” with a bunch of magnetic foam fish (55 to be exact), a pond mat, two poles and category stickers inside.  To set up, he’ll place the category stickers on the non magnet side of the foam fish and then place them sticker side down in “the pond”.  Next he picks a fish to see his category……let’s pretend he chooses an animal.  Now his object is try to get more fish in the same “animal” category.  Since there are three colors of fish, be sure to randomly place stickers so no one category has all the same color.  I think my little guy will like this and I know his cousins are going to want to “fish” with him when they gather for their day with Nonna.

Super Duper Publications has games to reach all ages.  The first two I mentioned above are simple and geared toward the younger set.  I am pleased to also tell you about a couple items Miss S., my fourth grader, will be receiving.  Despite being an A student,  S. had struggled the last year in reading comprehension.  She says that sometimes it’s hard for the words to “stay” in her head.  Processing what she reads can be challenging.  Both games I selected for S. are going to help further her word meaning and comprehension skills.  Because these topics are in game format, she’ll be learning and won’t even realize it!!

“Go for the Dough is a fast paced game that helps children improve word recall, describing, semantic flexibility, and phonemic awareness skills.” Players travel around the board delivering “pizzas” for Super Dough Dollars.  Dollars target a word based on the category; i.e Definitions, multiple meanings, opposites, rhyming words or synonyms.  On their turn, they give an answer corresponding to the category , then place the money on the board.  Every time the reach “grandmas” house they get paid.  I think this game will be fun for the whole family.  The language objectives are relatively simple but I think it will reinforce basics and confidence.  The age guide is pre-k and up.  Pre-k players could use the rhyming words category to play and something harder like synonyms could be used for the older kids.

I’m really excited about Story Prediction fun deck with Super Duper Secret Decoder.  This game tries to challenge the player to predict what will happen next.  Cards tell a story and then leave the ending a mystery……your child chooses one of three answers they feel matches best for the ending.  Then they use the included secret decoder to see if they answered correctly.  AWEsome!!  Miss S. loves super sleuthing and this will be perfect to demand her attention.  Since the stories are short and to the point it will build on comprehension skills in a manageable way rather than overwhelming.  My hopes are that she’ll develop a mindset to always anticipate….a much needed lifeskill for us all!

Games are wonderful, but so are books.  Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine so I give my daughters at least one book at Christmas time.  Miss S. received an early gift when I gave her Super Duper’s own exclusive poem book; “Alone”, written and illustrated by founder Thomas Webber.  Since my oldest daughter is always at sports practice, it’s the perfect time for my S and I to read.  We enjoyed reading this funny and creative book.  It was easy to read taking a mere 30 minutes or less.  We are donating the book to Miss S.’s class for them to enjoy and share this holiday.

Education is the gift that keeps on giving!  Super Duper Publications has so many amazing options of gifts that are educational, engaging & FUN!  Right now Super Duper has an exclusive discount code for RMRV readers;  Enter D8CUJBWH to receive 15% off your purchase now through December 20th, 2013!!  An extra bonus:  Shipping is FREE on all orders of $20 or more for anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Super Duper Publications is REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!!!

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