Football ‘n Family Time

My hubby is a die hard BYU fan.  He doesn’t HAVE to watch all 800 football games that on in a week, but when BYU plays, about 9 games a year, everything stops.  The kids aren’t allowed anywhere near the TV for fear that they may walk in front of it at the wrong time.  We have to be very careful who comes over to watch the game, due to the fact that there can’t be too many people, it can’t be too loud, and there can’t be any unnecessary channel surfing.  I figure it is 9 games a season, I can deal with it.  Plus, it’s a great reason to have the wives over to chit chat (just not too loud) during the game.

BYU’s biggest rivalry game of the year is with the University of Utah.  No matter when the game falls, the world stops.  We all dress in our best BYU gear and start the cheering on our team…all week long.  Last year we were given the gift of of U of U toilet on our lawn

with a BYU shirt in the toilet bowl.  This year, I made a bet with a patient.  Loser had to put the winning teams sticker on the back of their car for 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, I was the loser.  I got teased for 2 weeks while I sported the terrible red U on my back window–just about my silver Y.   The NCAA has helped create a great tradition in our family!

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