Fashion Meets Necessity

I am about 2 weeks away from welcoming my new little peanut to the world! Where did the time go?! One thing that I always end up needing are burps, burps, and more burp clothes, especially for those first couple of months when their little tummies always seem to rocket something back up! I have collected quite a few burp clothes from my first boy pregnancy, but I’ve found myself wishing for some more updated patterns for this little guy. I was beyond thrilled when I was offered the chance to take a peek at a great new “burp shawl,” from Burp Necessity. 

Started by a Mama from Seattle who was in the predicament of always having to adjust the burp cloth or it not being big enough to keep her clothes covered, she had an “A-HA!” moment and Burp Necessity was born! A burp shawl as well as a nursing cover, these high quality, handmade shawls do double duty to keep you covered.

 These are not your ordinary burp clothes. Worn draped over the shoulders like a shawl, they offer maximum protection from even the most “projectile” episodes! As any Mama will tell you, it’s such a downer when you’re all dressed up, and then you get spit-up on you! I for one do not like dressing like a hobo for several months on end, so covering up is a must. These offer so much more coverage than your typical burp cloth. They won’t slip off your shoulder the way a normal burp can, which is something I remember always having to battle with. And if you use it as a nursing cover, you can go right from feeding to burping without having to transition anything! Brilliant!!

I was sent 3 burp shawls and I  can’t wait to try them in a couple of weeks! In cool patterns like retro pop mintplumage apricot, and ripples sea, I am set to burp in style. I really love how on trend all their high quality cotton styles are (they have LOTS to choose from!) And the inside is made from such a soft polyester, it’s going to be hard to decide which side to use!    These would make amazing shower gifts for all the new mamas in your life, as well as for yourself if you are a new or soon-to-be new mama! Burp Necessity Burp Shawls can be found online.

Burp Necessity Burp Shawls are

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