Facial Gymnastics

Do you know there are 50 muscles that make up the structure of the human face?  I had no idea.  It makes sense then, that if the face is full of muscles, we exercise it just like we would tone and tighten muscles in the rest of our bodies, especially as our skin starts showing signs of aging.

When wrinkles appear in our 30’s & 40’s due to factors like environmental exposure and repetitive, unconscious movements we make through expressions, it seems inevitable we women panic.  Some women turn to filler injections and even plastic surgery to combat what ensues in the aging process.  I want to avoid such measures and grow old gracefully.

This may seem weird, but I actually like wrinkles.  Wrinkles tell a story about a person.  I love seeing old people with happy eye and mouth wrinkles that express a laughter filled life.  If you look at my face, you’d notice I have deep forehead wrinkles……I like to call them my “thinker” lines.  They’ve been with me since my inquisitive, analytical teenage years.  I still analyze and methodically discern, I guess that is why I love review blogging!  I do however, look in the mirror sometimes and long for smoother skin, so it’s time to start doing facial gymnastics.  Facial gymnastics is what author of the 5-minute Facial Workout, Catherine Pez, calls the action of strengthening the musculature of the face through a series of specific exercises designed to correct and maintain areas of the face that tend to lose their elasticity and shape.

In the 5-minute Facial Workout, Catherine Pez shares the science behind how improving muscles in the face can improve subcutaneous blood circulation which in turn improves cell renewal and increases collagen production, thus leaving your face more youthful in appearance.  She helps target 11 muscle groups in 30 exercises designed to do everything from thickening the lips to pulling up the cheekbone.

You’re totally going to feel silly at first doing these exercises, but with continued use, the improvement you see will outweigh all silliness.  I particularly love the forehead exercises aimed at the Frontalis and Temporal muscles (covering the dome of the skull and outer corner of eyes) where you place fingertips on hairline and try to “open” the face.  The ears go back slightly and you can actually feel the movement of the forehead muscle.  I also loved the neck stretch where you raise your chin upward, and push lower jaw forward to correct neck sagging.

Add facial exercises to your workout routine by following the 5-minute Facial Workout!  You will be happy you did!

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