Facebook plans to join WhatsApp with Messenger and Instagram

What many of us thought becomes reality: Facebook plans to unify its messaging platforms so that anyone can send messages to each other.

What many of us thought becomes reality: Facebook plans to unify its messaging platforms so that anyone can send messages to each other.

With three apps capable of sending private messages, and with the trio among the most downloaded apps in the world, a logical move would be to unify the different platforms so that messages could be sent to each other.  WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram connected? It’s what Facebook is planning.

As The New York Times has revealed exclusively , Facebook is developing a way to connect its three specialized messaging apps. This would make it possible for anyone with one of them to send a message to another contact, even if they did not have such an app. This will revolutionize messaging platforms raising serious doubts about such interconnection.

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram together to send messages to each other

The idea is the most obvious: that the different messaging apps are connected by more than continue to behave independently. Zuckerberg would have given the order to find a way to connect them; a process that, despite being in its infancy, would be ready by the end of 2020. Always according to the information to which The New York Times has had access.

The most serious question is what will happen with the end-to-end encryption that makes WhatsApp inaccessible by anyone, including Facebook. In this regard, Facebook would ensure that the three messaging apps maintain end-to-end encryption. But this raises serious questions of privacy and security, especially when dealing with Sending Facebook messages without messenger app and also in the turn of WhatsApp, Instagram.

WhatsApp is the safest application and the only one that maintains end-to-end encryption by default with the Signal protocol , Open Whisper Systems . To match the three apps Facebook should implement identical WhatsApp encryption; joining the servers of the three apps so that everyone works under the umbrella of Facebook. The process is not only anticipated complex, it also presents serious doubts.

The information is not confirmed by Facebook . We also do not know more deadlines than those anticipated by The New York Times : end of 2010. Will unification be the trigger for which the founders of WhatsApp left the company that bought your application ?


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