Everyone Needs A Hug

There’s nothing more irritating to me than when I use half of something, like an onion, lemon, tomato, avocado or such and wrap it up in plastic wrap only to come back a couple days later and it’s not so fresh any more. And I’ve also been trying to get away from using so much plastic wrap or baggies too! I’ve been tossing stuff in plastic storage containers, but that tends to take up lots of room in my fridge. Well, the other day I found great solution to those left over fruits and veggies that need a little love…Food Huggers! I was generously sent a 4 pack of various sizes as well as a 2 pack just for avocados and I’m in love!

Food Huggers are easy to use, just pop your leftover fruits or vegetables into a Food Hugger and save it until you need it next. The patent pending design flexes to wrap snugly around leftovers of different sizes and shapes and each set comes with four different Food Huggers to ensure that every leftover half has a Food Hugger that fits. Food Huggers are made with 100% FDA quality silicone, are 100% BPA and Phthalate free and completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.  ~Food Huggers

I love that they are silicone, are free from all those nasty chemicals and are a snap to clean by just tossing in the dishwasher. They are super flexible, so they don’t damage even the most delicate tomatoes or avocados. The avocado ones also have a cool “pit pocket” that folds in or pops out depending if your half has it’s pit or not! The four sizes also stretch to fit a variety of different sizes. One of my favorite other features is that you can use them on top of cups, jars, glasses or any other container for spill free storage. This is awesome for my leftover green smoothies… and for those left over cups of milk of Peanuts!                      This one here was was a watermelon, strawberry and mint smoothie. They are the perfect companion for anyone in the kitchen and can be found online. The four pack retails for $14.99. You can also get an avocado 2 pack for $9.99.

Food Huggers are REAL Mom Recommended!

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