Drool Worthy

I have been a mom for a little over two years now and every day I am learning something new.  In the last two years I have learned how to soothe a baby, how to live without a lot of sleep, when to take a child to the doctor and when to wait it out, how to have more patience then you ever thought you would need, and so so so much more.  One thing I have learned about that I knew nothing about before was teething.  Beckham didn’t get his first tooth until he was 15 months.  Then they were all practically coming in at once.  Talk about irritable and painful!  One thing I didn’t know also came with it was the non-stop drooling.  Literally a fountain from his mouth.  His shirts were soaked.  I didn’t have a solution to it other than just change his shirt.  Well apparently other moms know about drool city and one, Hannah, has a fashionable solution to it.

The other day I introduced you to Wild and Free Clothing and told you about her stylish solution for nursing moms.  Make sure you read that review and enter to win an infinity scarf nursing cover.  To refresh your memory Wild and Free Clothing is a new Etsy company, start in April 2014.  Hannah, mother of two great little boys, makes infinity scarf nursing covers, infinity scarf bibs, bandanas, moccasins and slouch beanies.  This clever lady has a solution to drool kids and the puddles on their shirts.

Wild and Free Clothing’s Infinity Bib Scarf is a cool, stylish way to catch your kiddos drool.  Not only will they look super cute, their shirt will start dry and your laundry pile will be smaller.

Beckham received the Infinity Bib Scarf in a hip black and white houndstooth fabric.  Beckham LOVES it!  As soon as I got it out of the package Beckham had it on.  He wanted to show that bad boy off.  That evening we were going to a concert and he wanted to wear it.  He got a lot of compliments.  People were telling both Beckham and I how cool they thought his scarf was.  Not only was he lookin’ fly, his shirt stayed clean.  WAHOO!  This child will be sporting this bib scarf year round.  It is lightweight enough that he doesn’t sweat to death in the summer but will keep his neck warm in the winter.

Like the Infinity Scarf Nursing Cover this bib scarf is made from high quality, lightweight, and absorbent jersey knit fabric.  There are several different styles of fabric to choose from so your little one can show off their personality.  There are neck snaps on the back for easy on and easy off.  (They are not metal snaps so you don’t need to worry about metal allergies.)  Just toss the bib scarf in the washer for easy cleaning.  They wash up great and become softer with time.  They currently retail for $12 and are available in sizes Newborn- 5T!  An Infinity Bib Scarf would make a fun & unique present for any little wild one.

Today Wild and Free Clothing is giving one lucky reader an Infinity Bib Scarf in the winner’s choice of fabric and size!