DIY Handprint Calendar {santa’s little helpers}

Every year, I try and give a handmade gift to all of our family from the kids. We have made ornaments, picture frames and sweet treats! I love handprint art and used it a lot when I was teaching Kindergarten for different crafts and activities. Last year, I thought it would be fun to create a handprint calendar for all the grandparents using both of the kids handprints!

We started off by painting card stock different background colors with craft paint. This took a while and we did a few pages each day until we completed 12. The kids loved this part as they got to paint all willy nilly with each color. I placed a large piece of manila paper under the card stock for any stray paint marks.

After the paint had dried, we then moved on to the handprints. Again, we only did one or two each day. I would paint the color directly on the kids’ hands {rather then have them dip their hands in paint} and then help then place their hand on the paper in the correct spot/angle. After the handprints dried I went back and added any extra details to each month.

When we completed all 12 months I then scanned each page and saved them to my computer. Then I headed over to Shutterfly, uploaded each page and created a classic calendar! I ordered one for each set of grandparents, great grandparents, and even a few aunts and uncles.

Everyone loved their handprint calendars last Christmas and we had a blast making them together! It was a really fun project and both kids got a kick out of creating this special gift for their family!

January: Snowmen Handprints

February: Heart Handprints

March: Four Leaf Clover Handprint

April: Tulip Handprint

May: Butterfly Handprint

June: Mermaid Handprint {with jelly fish and fish thumbprints}

July: American Flag Handprint {could add firework handprints}

August: Sun Handprint

September: Caterpillar Handprint

October: Pumpkin and Ghost Handprints

November: Turkey Handprint

December: Santa Handprint & String of Lights Thumbprint