Dirty Sneakers…..Clean them

I love the clean and bright look of a brand new pair of athletic shoes.  The love affair ends however, once they have been run through the mud or grass stained.  Now dingy and dirty, they’re almost embarrassing to wear!   My husband is particularly rough on his sneakers, which requires me to either keep them clean, or let him continually purchase new pairs.

 Since my choice is to keep them clean and save money, I have to wash them.  In the past I’ve just tossed them in the washing machine with warm water and some detergent, offering okay results, but now I’ll be using the Reshoevn8r.  What is a Reshoevn8r you ask?  Well, its a system that was created with the purpose of keeping your sneakers looking their best.  It includes a scrub brush, an eco-friendly sneaker cleaning solution, shoe trees and mesh bag.  My favorite part of the system is definitely the shoe trees that can be put in the wash!  They are just what I needed to keep the shape of my hubbies shoes while being tossed in the washer and then air dried.

Here is how the Reshoevn8r system works:

Step 1: Insert adjustable shoe tree’s

Insert the shoe tree into the shoe as shown below.

Step 2: Pre-treat

Gently scrub heavily soiled areas with Reshoevn8r Advanced Sneaker Cleaning Solution and brush.

Step 3: Reshoevn8r bag

Insert shoe’s  into Reshoevn8r bag as shown. Make sure soles are together.

Step 4: Cinch bag

Tighten cords at top and middle of bag.  Machine was COLD water ONLY.

Step 5: Place in washine machine

Wash COLD water only!!!


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