My Dell Foxglove + Giveaway {$500 value!} #IntelAIO

I love being a part of Real Moms Real Views. It’s been so much fun getting to know the other moms that write on the blog over the years, and it’s been so much fun. It has really become part of my everyday life. However my day to day life isn’t set in one room. I have 4 kids and that makes my life quite chaotic. I was thrilled when Intel asked me to team up with them and test out the Dell Foxglove. A new way for this busy mom to keep up and keep blogging?! Yes, I think so!

The moment it arrived I set it up and away I went. It was super easy to get running. I plugged it in, placed batteries in the mouse and keyboard and I was set. Power on!

See just what Intel has for you: Intel All in Ones

I am using it daily to help me with my blogging ventures. As a busy mom, I have to fit my blogging schedule into my daily routine which includes 4 kids, my work from home job, and a busy husband. Sometimes I think I may lose my mind…other days I do lose my mind! This new device is helping me keep my sanity. My new Foxglove can go with me anywhere! I love is it’s portability. From room to room and even with us when we head out of town to visit family. My family is also enjoying it. We have used it to watch movies, play games, and even look up some fun holiday treat recipes for Thanksgiving. I am learning more and more new things each day as I use it. My kids are also showing me stuff I had no clue how to do. It’s amazing how ‘tech’ smart this generation is. 🙂

The touchscreen is an awesome feature. I love that it can function as a desktop for me during the day hours when I am working, yet it can become a tablet for the kids and my husband in the evening. It’s one great device! We are loving it and can’t wait to use it more and more this holiday season! Stay tuned as I plan on sharing more fun features with you soon.

We have teamed up with Intel for an awesome giveaway for our readers….

We are giving away a DELL FOXGLOVE!!!

(Dell – Inspiron 19.5″ Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One – Intel Pentium – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive)

Here’s how you can enter to win it!1) Join the Intel Fans Advocate experience here. You can either join with a social network of your email.2) Authenticate your Instagram here.3) Visit your local Best Buy and take a photo of an Intel All-in-One device.4) Post this photo to Instagram with the hashtag #IntelFan.All of these steps are required and if you did not authenticate your Instagram or use the hashtag, the entry won’t be counted.5) Once you have done all the steps above, come back here and leave us a comment!*This giveaway will stay open for 1 week ending 12/12/14 at Midnight MST. Then we will pick a lucky winner by random draw. Verification will be used to ensure all 5 steps were done.

#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.