Cooking in Style – 5 Easy Kitchen Design Tips on a Budget

Flicking through home decor magazines or blogs again wishing you had a spare six-figure cheque? Renovations and home improvement can seem impossible when you’re living on a tighter budget – but they don’t need to be. If you’re feeling inspired to update your kitchen but don’t have the finances or the time for a full strip out and re-installation, follow through with these six simple kitchen design tips.

1. Be Selective With Your Cookware

Forget about buying art and decor specifically for your kitchen. They take up space, encourage clutter and are simply unnecessary when you can have attractive cookware sets instead. From stainless steel silvers to duck-egg blue, you can choose from a sleek, uniform set or curate your own cookware collection in an assortment of colors over time. Quality cookware will last a lifetime, so choose items that are both functional and beautiful; you don’t need to compromise!

2. Turn Your Appliances Into Accessories

If you find yourself pining after modern art pieces and new kitchen design features, don’t restrict yourself from indulging in something beautiful and unique. Just make sure it’s an appliance that you’re in need of. Broken toaster? Take your time replacing it with something that can work as an accessory and make breakfast! You can match your appliances to your cookware sets in color and design or pick a whole new range altogether.

3. Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Mood lighting is not just for the bedroom and lounge. In fact, there are many uses for new lighting fixtures in your kitchen. Update the look of your kitchen with:

Cabinet lighting: LED lights can improve your aesthetic and your search for late-night snacks!

Kitchen island lighting: A practical update considering it’s your main kitchen activity space.

Creative ceiling lights: You can keep it budget-friendly with reclaimed lights, fairy lights or hanging Edison bulbs, and even use them for other rooms if you want a change.

4. A Hint Of Paint, A New Aesthetic

Introducing a pop of color to your kitchen space is a great way to change the overall atmosphere. You can even refresh your space every few years with a new change. All you need to do is choose the areas you wish to highlight; it could be your cabinets, open shelves or a feature wall. Then, purchase one tin of paint in a bright color of your choosing. Just make sure to keep your purchases within your budget as you don’t want to go overboard. It’s surprisingly easy with DIY paint jobs!

5. Upgrade Your Herb Garden

Spice up your cooking and your kitchen design by maximizing on your homegrown herb pot-plants. You can buy new ceramic pots, re-use old glass jars or condiment bottles or repaint and decorate your existing pots. Some quick and easy growing indoor plants you can add to your kitchen collection include:

  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Coriander
  • Chives
  • Windowsill flowers

Not only is this an inexpensive form of decor, but fragrant herbs will act as natural air fresheners and this healthy activity is a great way to promote fresh cooking in your family.

Don’t give up on creating your ideal kitchen just because hiring a renovation squad is not in your budget. By implementing any of these five simple ideas, you can enhance the look of your kitchen while making practical decisions.


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