Breastfeeding Basics For New Moms

Breastfeeding is the most natural method of feeding the babies and providing them with the essential nutrients required for their growth and development. Breastfeeding however must start soon after the baby is born, preferably within an hour of birth.
The yellowish milk that is produced in the initial stage is called Colostrum. This milk will boost the immunity of the new born baby and help to fight against infection. It is also very much rich with the important nutrients that is required for the baby. It should therefore be fed to the newborn without fail.

Keep hygiene: Before you start to feed your baby, remember to keep adequate hygiene so that your baby remains safe from infection and diseases.Always wash your hands and nipples preferably with warm water. You may also place a warm towel over your breasts so that milk pours out easily from the milk ducts.

Find the right position: Finding the right position for breastfeeding is very important when you feed. You may hold the baby in a cradled position and allow the head to rest in the fold of your left arm. You may now put one nipple in the baby’s mouth. Let the baby latch on to the nipple with the areola inside the mouth. If the latching is not proper, then there is a chance of getting sore nipples.

Feed frequently: Frequent feeding allows more milk to be produced. Therefore, feed as much times as you can so that your baby is satisfied and you have more milk to offer. The new mothers should understand the signs of hunger in their babies, which they may exhibit by being hyperactive, mouthing or crying. Ideally, the newborns should be fed before they start to cry.

Breast engorgement: This is a commonly heard grievance from most of the new mothers. In the early motherhood, the breasts may produce more milk thereby making the size of breasts large.This hurts the mothers and makes them uncomfortable. In order to reduce this, breastfeeding should be done for more time than the usual.

Balanced diet: New mothers are supposed to take care of their diet by including all the necessary nutrients required for the health. A well balanced diet intake helps the mothers to produce milk in good quantity and quality. Taking care of themselves should be the first step towards taking good care of the child.


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