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I am a very natural girl. I don’t wear a lot of make up and when I do it’s relatively simple…a little powder, a little blush and a bit of mascara. Ta-da! I’m ready. I’ve always wanted to know how to do all those fancy make up tricks and gorgeous smoky eye, but every time I try to do something a bit more intense I end up thinking it’s too much and looks a bit strange on me. So I generally stick with my main three and occasionally add a bit of lip gloss. I was pretty excited when I saw Boom! by Cindy Joseph online one afternoon. Make up that is simple to apply, natural ingredients, and gives you glowing, fresh look. I knew I had to try it and share it with y’all!

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is an exciting new concept in cosmetics that creates the same glow a woman’s skin generates when she is having fun and turned on to life, never looking made up or artificial. Whether laughing, dancing or romancing, a woman’s circulation revs up with color and shine that BOOMSTICKS! create in one quick and easy application. ~BOOM! By Cindy Joseph

I felt so lucky to receive the entire line of Boom! Boom Silk, Boom Touch, and then Boomsticks and Boomstick Minis {same product different sizes} in Color, Glimmer, and Glo! Boomsilk is an effective moisturizer. Composed of honey, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax and extra virgin olive oil, not only is it a fantastic moisturizer, but also helps sooth minor sunburns, heal abrasions, clear acne and even eczema and dry, cracked skin. Boomsilk {like all of the Boom! products} is pure and safe containing no dyes, binders, emulsifiers, mineral oil, glycerine, phthalates, and sunscreens. Boomsilk is incredibly smooth and feels wonderful. Boomtouch uses the same natural, plus bees wax with propolis and pollen, d-alpha vitamin E. products and is a natural, unique, long lasting lubricant. My favorite Boom! products are most definitely the Boomstick and Boomstick minis. Same product just different sizes. In each trio is the Boomstick color, Boomstick Glo, and Boomstick Glimmer.

Boomstick Color: A sheer, moist, universal color for cheeks, brow bone, lip, forehead and neck. It’s a lipstick, blush, eye shadow, and more. All the color you’ll ever need in one easy to use stick. Apply anywhere to accentuate health and vitality.

Boomstick Glo: A clear, 100% organic moisturizer. Developed with beekeeprs in Hawaii, it protects skin from harmful environmental elements. For eyes, face, hands, neck…anywhere you want protection, moisture and sheen.

Boomstick Glimmer: Gives skin an understated, pearlescent shimmer, day or night. Use it on eyes, lips, cheekbones, shoulders, and decollete or anywhere you want luminous radiance. It’s an eye shadow, highlighter, lipstick and body luster in one.

These Boomsticks are like little magical wands, I love them! Each one serves a different unique purpose to add color, moisture, and shimmer. The Boomstick size is small and the Boomstick Mini is the size of a chap stick. Either is perfect to keep in your purse or travel bag when you are on the go. My favorite of the three is the Boomstick Color. It looks dark when you look at the stick, but when you put it on it’s the perfect shade; not too much, not too little. Perfect natural color for any skin tone.

I love to use it on my eyelids, lips, and cheeks as a blush. Boomstick Glo is the same product as Boomsilk, only in a stick form. Containing the same ingredients it is fantastic for skin, cuticles, and easy to toss in your bag to take on the go. Boomstick Glimmer is really fun and the “Bling” of the Boomstick line. It’s a pearlescent shimmer that is perfect for all skin tones as it’s sheer and allows your natural color to show through. Enhancing your natural beauty, use Boomstick Shimmer on your lips, eyelids, collarbones; anywhere you want to enhance bone structure. Boomstick Shimmer glides on smooth leaving you with a gorgeous glow. Each Boomstick is awesome and keeps you looking fresh faced and natural. As a busy mom, it’s so simple to apply these three Boomsticks and pull my look together. No fuss, no muss. Simple, gorgeous make up I can apply anywhere quickly.


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