Beatrix birthday giveaway

Have you heard of the Beatrix Girls?

“The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop-star
band with real music that young girls are sure to
adore, and they just happen to be beautiful 12” dolls.
They’re young, they’re real, they’re spunky, and they
are relatable to young girls. These 12” dolls not only
interact in the real life-sized human world, but they
produce real music, real hits, and real sales!
The Beatrix Girls dolls are very highly stylized and
uniquely designed to break the mold of 50 years
of “me too” dolls. They are masterfully sculpted in
a unique angular design style. Their proportions
are very differentiated with huge heads, LOTS of
beautiful flowing hair, and very large expressive eyes,
adding up to dolls that are not only
original but also very beautiful.” ~The Beatrix Girls

We have a fun giveaway for you today…..It’s a Beatrix Birthday Giveaway!

(Prize Packages with Retail Value: Over $375)
The winner of this Beatrix themed birthday party kit will win….
• A printable invitation template
• 15 Beatrix Girls posters
• 15 Beatrix Girls stickers
• 15 Beatrix Girls Debut CD “Meet the Beatrix”
• 15 Beatrix Girls balloons
• 4 Beatrix Girls Dolls
• Beatrix Girls Activity Book