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Just like that we are through the holidays and into January 2015! We all want to look and feel our best this new year, including our kiddos! B Ukneeque offers the most adorable t-shirts and accessory packs for little girls. Accessory packs include patterned knee-high socks, coordinating belt, and hair bow, your girl will be looking her best all year long!

Belinda and Laurie have over 35 years of experience in helping to educate our youth. Both partners recognized that there was one common factor that was preventing their students from having a successful social and emotional experience – their peers and self-perception!With a love for children and fashion, B-U-Knee-Que!BU helps fund programs that increase social awareness to prevent BULLYING and increase SELF-ESTEEM through fun fashionable socks, belts and bows that will foster the creative, stylish spirit in each of us! ~B Ukneeque

B Ukneeque generously sent my girl the most adorable Cheerful accessory kit! It includes coordinating belt, socks, and hair bow in the brightest and most adorable patterns. The socks are purple with pink stars, fluorescent yellow belt, and pink with white stripes hair bow. She was so excited about her new accessories and has been working the pieces in as often as she can with her daily looks. She wears the socks as soon as they are clean and then requests them to be washed pronto! I love that she is getting to the age to where she is finding her own style and adding her own personal touches to her outfits. An accessory kit from B Ukneeque would make an awesome birthday gift or even “just because” gift for any little girl in your life. I know I plan on ordering a few to have on hand for a few of Ava’s friends when their birthdays come around.

B Ukneeque is Real Mom Recommended!

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