All About Skylights- An Energy- Efficient Lighting System To Brighten Your Home

What if I ask you is there an option to bring natural sunlight in your home without opening doors, windows? Your mind will start boggling and will look at the expect of physics how it is possible. Well, the increasing cost of electricity and conservation towards planet earth has given rise to a new mode of lighting systems, and that is tubular daylighting devices. Skylight devices bring natural sunlight through a tunnel and spread it across the room.

Skylights come in stylish designs to maintain the look and feel of the home. You can choose skylight blinds to install in windows or go for skylight diffuser (fixture) for roof lighting. Top companies offer a variety of types. Before you start scratching your head, let us understand the working of skylights

How Does a Skylight Work?

The tubular daylighting device is divided into three sections i.e., the hemisphere glass dome, the reflective tube, and diffuser. The dome is installed at the top of the roof to capture sunlight even from low angles. The captured light is transmitted to a sun tunnel, which is made up of reflective materials that carry it to the diffuser and lighten up the room. 

Skylights have attached solar panels that store sunlight during the day time and allow it to use at night. So, it is an overall energy-efficient system of lighting. You can install them in the kitchen, living room, hallways, or gallery. Made up your mind to go for solar lights, Let’s talk about how they are installed.

Installation of Skylights

A customer looks for certain parameters while buying a product, its quality, accessibility, ease of use, look, and most importantly, budget. Installation cost depends upon the type of daylighting system you choose. It involves the type of tube, roof, fixtures, and quantity. Many companies attract customers with taglines ‘skylights for sale’, but a smart customer knows the difference between a premium skylight and the product purchased from the sale.

A certified professional in skylight installation will guide you about the type of product your home requires and the specific areas where it will spread more light. The task is carried out without any hassle giving you the perfect lighting a room needs. It is always recommended to contact a professional for installation and replacement of skylights.

What If I Want To Dim Light

Traditional skylights were designed without a dimmer, and it was impossible to block the light during the day time. However, realising the problem, top companies included the dimmer and ‘Effect lense’ to control light. The dimmer is placed just above the fixture, and with a switch, you can tilt or completely block the light. 

The effect lens also offers to minimize and maximize the transmitted light according to the environment. So, you can have a full white light in the morning or enjoy watching movies with its warm effect. 

Another option is to use skylight blinds to control the effect of light in the room. They come in various designs that make your home elegant and beautiful. 

Skylights make it possible to enter the sunlight without interfering the privacy. Moreover, a bright room with sound lighting system brightens up the mood and improves health. The amount of light captured by skylights can be controlled without straining the eyes. Thus, with health benefits, they are also economical and environmentally friendly. An additional benefit of skylights is that they can be installed in remote areas where it is difficult to access electricity. Skylights offer all those features which individuals look in a perfect home lighting system.


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