A valentine for the professional

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Crazy right!?  Where is the time going?  Well, time to prepare!  This year think outside the box.  Show your love for your hard working professionals in a new, fun, and fashionable way.

Staples and Cynthia Rowley have teamed up to create a line of really amazing products that would make for wonderful Valentine’s Day presents for your professional.  Cynthia Rowley is a leading global lifestyle brand that sells sportswear, eyewear, fitness wear, dresses, and so much more.  Combine these two great companies together and you get really great office products.

Some of the great products from the Cynthia Rowley collection are found below.

Aren’t they beautiful!  Starting at the top left you will find a composition book ($2.99), a memo pad with a gold pen ($2.99), wedge erasers ($.99 each), canvas “holds everything” pouch ($4.99), and writing pads ($2.99).  Any of these products from Cynthia Rowley’s red floral collection is sure to jazz up your loved ones office, home office, purse, or ‘to do’ list.

Another out of the box Valentine’s Day idea is the pretty little paper shredder.  It really is a little shredder.  The Space-Saver Cross-Cut Shredder is just 8″ wide!  It would fit great in any home office or business.  No more taking your stack to the copy room to shred.  Allow your Valentine to shred as you go right in their office.  This shredder retails for $99.99.

Staples sent me a Valentine this year.  I received the Arc Customizable Red Leather Notebook ($17.99), Arc System Page Flags ($3.49), Arc System Task Pad ($4.49), and Arc System Premium Refill Paper ($4.49).  I love this notebook.  The leather is a vibrant red and heavy duty.  Inside are slots for credit cards, gift cards, business cards, etc.  There is also a pocket to keep coupons, notes, receipts, etc. Included with the notebook at 60 pages of repositionable lined paper.  This isn’t a binder type of system it uses disks that the paper attaches on to.  The page flags are attached on a plastic book mark that easily slips on the disks.  There are 200 flags in each package (25 flags per pad).  The task pad is a pad of book mark sized paper.  These are great for shopping lists, to-do lists, or even meeting notes.  The refill pack is the same paper that the notebook comes with.

I went back and forth trying to decide how I would use this.  I ended up turning it into an address book.  I have been looking for one for a while but haven’t been able to find one that I can add pages to as addresses change or are added to, the size I wanted, and heavy duty enough to withstand years of use.  This was the perfect solution for me.

I used the flags to make tabs for each letter.  I have filled it up with my friends and family’s addresses, phone numbers, and emails.  I like having the option to add pages or just a task page for a temporary address change.  I also like using the task pads to keep notes regarding to the contact…children’s names, birthdays, gift ideas, and more.

This notebook will be used like crazy for years and years to come.  Flowers and chocolate don’t hold a candle to that!

This Valentine’s Day think outside the box and gift practically!