Safety Tips To Use Pram & Stroller For Your Child First Ride

Driving a car is a lot easier than taking a baby outside on stroller for the first time- says a mother of twins. And, yes we could not argue with that statement. Becoming a parent is experiencing a whole new world. You have a responsibility to care for the most important being in your life. You protect your child from all adversities, both physically and externally. With no compromisation to health and safety, parents take all measures to keep their child safe, and outing with is one of them. 

The first thing a parent should consider while starting out the first trip of their child is the selection of prams or strollers. You must choose a high-quality pram that fits your baby’s size made up of smooth fabrics. Before buying prams online or offline read reviews, check its strength, stability, ease of operation and wheel type. Whether you have a baby boy or baby girl, the colour of a stroller also plays a significant role in their brain’s development. So there are many other factors to look upon. 

For parents having twins double prams are the perfect rather than going for a single pram. The twins can enjoy their outing with each other and play along. You can choose among the side-by-side prams or tandem prams. Tandem prams are narrower with one-seat above other making it easier to maneuver. If you wish to buy prams online, then reviews can help you get the best stroller for your baby

5 Essential Safety Guidelines When Strolling With Baby

However, choosing the best pram is one of the important aspects, safe use of prams while riding your baby cannot be neglected. So, here are some essential tips one must follow 

  • Always Check the Lock: This is one of the common mistakes parents make while placing the child inside the pram. All genuine and branded prams come with usage instruction safety guide. Read the manual and make sure to lock all the coats with handle properly. Also check for any sharp corners, edges, that may injure your kid and remove them.
  • Hanging Toys For Child Development: Yes, you might wonder that kids love toys, but when taking your baby for strolling outside, take fewer toys, avoid dolls, cars and similar toys as the kids can play with them at home. Even if you carry consider the toys that hang on stroller. So, when the stroller moves, his/her eyes will move in the same direction, and your child could watch the beautiful flowers, cars, swings. Moreover, it will create ample space for the child to enjoy his first ride comfortably.
  • The Right Method to Apply Brakes: Modern prams and strollers come with advanced brake systems. So, whenever you halt by a shop or ice-cream vendor always apply brake even if it is for a short duration. Many parents neglect this activity that results in unfortunate mishappening. While you are walking downhill or across a slope, apply the brakes and change the direction of wheels. There will be fewer chances of pram movement when the wheels are crossed.
  • Do not Load the Pram: Most of the mums have the habit of stocking their items in kids prams, this is dangerous. Always carry an extra bag, so you can stock items there. Do not make a mistake to place it over the handle as this could make the stroller unbalance, causing it to tip. You can opt to buy prams online with storage bucket.
  • Make Sure of Ventilation: Do not place the pram in direct sunlight when at home as it may wear-out easily. Make sure the pram fabric is at normal temperature, not too hot, not too cold. Moreover, ensure the stroller is not blocking ventilation. Purchase a prom online with customised, foldable options that suit all weather types.

So, the stroller and its usage are the two factors parents look upon before riding out with children. Many companies and brands offer premium high-quality prams and other accessories online, so you can choose the best for your child. ABC Design and strollers come with warranty and easy to return money-back guarantee. So, check out the best prams/ strollers for your kid online.


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