5 Advantages of Synthetic Grass Over Natural Grass

Ample greenery is increasingly becoming an essential part of the curb appeal of homes across the country, for a good reason. After all, who doesn’t like to lay their eyes upon an expanse of a lush green lawn? That being said, homeowners understand that maintaining a lush green lawn involves a lot of work. This is why synthetic grass is becoming more popular by the day.

The benefits outweigh the cost. Not to forget, for sports like lawn tennis and indoor gyms, synthetic grass works like magic.

However, the benefits of having artificial grass in your London home are not just limited to the advantage they offer in sports. Let’s look at the other advantages in more detail:

No Maintenance

This is probably the most popular advantage of Wimbledon artificial grass.  Since it is artificial, it requires no watering, no clipping, no mowing, in short, you will not have to give any maintenance inputs after artificial grass installation in London or wherever you are based. For homeowners with big lawns and busy schedules, this is no less than a blessing.

The Grass is Greener, and it Remains Greener

Synthetic grass is created keeping aesthetics in mind. Since it is a human-made process, the shade of the green can be controlled. It is usually ensured that the synthetic grass delivered to your home resembles the colour of the healthiest, well-maintained natural grass.

Moreover, since the grass is synthetic, natural conditions have little to no effect on it. This means, in summers, when your neighbour’s grass turns an ungodly shade of yellow, your lawn will remain lush green, without any additional hassle!


If you only consider the amount of water one can save by not watering their lawns, you can comprehend the environmental advantages of synthetic grass. However, they don’t just stop there. Synthetic grass does not need any pesticides or fertilisers, all of which, are harmful to the environment.


If you have pets, synthetic grass offers a special kind of advantage- no dirt after playtime! That’s right, pet owners are always worried about the dust and grime their pets will pick up while playing in the lawn and bring all of it indoors, onto the carpets and upholstery.

However, since water and other natural elements have little effect on synthetic grass, and they hardly get dirty, dirty furniture because of your pets will become a worry of the past.

Superior Durability

Apart from aesthetics, synthetic grass is built while keeping durability in mind. While the original purpose of the product was to serve on sports grounds, it is built to withstand some pretty rough standards of wear and tear as well. Synthetic grass at homes can stand up to several years worth of rough use for families that have pets and live in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.


In the end, the cost of buying and installing synthetic grass is much less than that of landscaping and growing your lawn. Synthetic turf is also cheaper than other landscaping options such as paving.

Apart from the above advantage, the sheer versatility of synthetic grass makes it far more advantageous than natural grass. It can be purchased in “tile like” cutouts which make the cleaning process more comfortable and also allow for efficient drainage, making maintenance much more convenient.

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