10 Fun Ways To Announce Your Disneyland Vacation

Planning a trip to Disneyland is very exciting to me. The anticipation for the trip is so fun (I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas morning)! There are so many fun ways to announce the trip to your kids.

I recommend not announcing your trip until you are only about a month out from your travel date. In the past I have announced sooner and my son had a hard time waiting that long. Plus it keeps the excitement fresh and a month is not very long for a child to have to wait.

Here are 10 fun ways to announce your Disneyland trip!
1) WRAP IT UP-Write “We are going to Disneyland” on a paper, then put it in a small box and wrap it. Then put in in a bigger box, wrap it, etc…do as many as you feel so inclined. Then give it to your kids. It is a fun way to build the anticipation.

2) SPECIAL MEAL- Make a fun Disney themed breakfast for your kids to announce your upcoming trip. (From Dixie Delights)

3) SCAVENGER HUNT- Create a fun Disney themed scavenger hunt. Hide clues in Disney toys, movies, books, etc…an example would be “Where do Stuffed Animals go when it is time for their check-up?” and have the clue hidden with a Doc McStuffins doll or playset. Then have the last clue reveal your upcoming trip! Have a fun Disney toy waiting for them, like a Mickey Mouse Plush or classic Mickey Ears.

4) WELCOME HOME SURPRISE- How cute is this Going to Disneyland Door Announcement?! She even has video instructions. (from Prettify Your Life)

5) SCRATCHERS- Make scratch off tickets that say “You are going to Disneyland!” (from Oh the Lovely Things)

6) FAMILY SHIRTS- Surprise the family with matching Disney shirts and announce that they will be wearing them at Disneyland! (From Married with Mickey)

7) PIZZA FUN- Make little personal Mickey Mouse pizzas for your kids and put them in a small pizza box (you can usually find a local restaurant that has pizza that will give you these for free when you eat there). When your kids open it and see their Mickey Pizza, announce that they are going to Disneyland! Or you can write it on the inside of the lid!

Or you can make these cute Mickey Mouse’s with pepperoni and olives.

8) WAIT TO TELL THEM- Another fun idea is to wait and announce the trip as you are arriving at the airport. That is what we plan to do with our kids this time and we are so excited! We are going to tell them that we are going out for a day of fun. Then when when we arrive at the airport we will tell them we are actually flying to Disneyland! You could even wait until you arrive at the Disneyland Park to tell them. Just make sure your kids can handle surprises well before you choose this option. Advice if you choose to surprise kids: Do not create a “decoy trip” or “decoy plan” because kids tend to have a hard time letting go of the plans in their mind. For example just tell them you are going somewhere fun that is a surprise. Instead of telling them you are going to Grandma’s (they might be upset if they thought they would see Grandma and are suddenly told they will not). If your child generally needs time to adjust to change, consider surprising them a couple days before the trip so they have time to process and address any fears or concerns they might have.

9) SPECIAL MAIL DELIVERY- Mail a postcard or letter to your kids from their favorite Disney character inviting them to Disneyland. You can make it even more fun by sending multiple letters with clues on each leading up to the big reveal!

10) CHARACTER CALL- Have a character call your child. Disney Enchanted Calls will let you choose a character and set up a call for just $2.49. Having Mickey Mouse call and personally invite your child to Disneyland=Awesome!

No matter how you choose to announce your Disneyland trip your family will be thrilled to be going!
What fun ways have you announced your Disneyland vacations?

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